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Learn to be centered

in the “eye of the storm” of competition

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Learn to match your physical power

with winning mental resolve

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Sprint to the finish line

with new perseverance and renewed enthusiasm

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Revere the purity of sprinting.
Learn the strategies behind competition.

Value the win.


This is the home page of ‘Modern Sprints,’ Omar Brown’s training program to build sprint champions. If you are an athlete and you have decided to train to maximize your potential, you have come to the right place.

What We Do: We provide individualized training to track and field athletes.

Why We Do it: We are committed to training the winner inside the athlete.


Stated simply, Coach Omar Brown’s philosophy is to instill a winning spirit into the athletes he coaches.


Training an athlete’s body, mind and heart… for Success:

At Modern Sprints, you will train to perfect the Three “D”s that make a winner:  Dedication, Determination and Discipline.

Coach Omar Brown believes in total commitment to practice and total enthusiasm for competition.  At Modern Sprints, we believe in training the heart and mind, as well as the body, for victory.

A Champion’s Code

S … Strong body, and strong faith make an athlete.

P … Perseverance should be in every breath.

R … Rigors of practice are there to toughen your mental spirit.

I … Integrity will serve you as you serve it.

N … Never underestimate your competition.

T … Training and timing.  To everything “there is a season.”  Proper training can make this your winning season.

S … Succeed but remain humble. Celebrate your talent. Live a life of honor.  Be a role model to others that follow.